VDM Summer 2018

Virtual Diva Magazine Summer 2018 is out and packed with lots of activities by the Virtual Diva Organization over the summer months, including the winner of Miss Virtual Diva 2018, Anael Starr, the Runners Up and highlights from the event; Virtual Diva celebrates its 8th Anniversary and Owner Angels Kristan tells us how it all…

Virtual Diva Magazine Spring 2018

The latest edition of Virtual Diva Magazine is now out, and we’re very excited to share with our friends, fans and business colleagues a celebration of “Music and Fashion” for Spring 2018. This edition features SlackGirl as our Cover Story, Spring/Summer Fashion Trends, and Must Haves and destinations for music lovers. The Miss Virtual Diva…

TFA Heaven Can Wait Show

The Fantasy Angels “Heaven Can Wait” Show on October 22, 2017, was an amazing success! The dramatic presentation of lost souls, dangerous encounters and triumph of good over evil featured the Fantasy Angels in spectacular “Dark Fantasy” themed costumes. Read the show Recap for details.

Birds of Paradise Video & Recap

The Fantasy Angels “Birds of Paradise” Fashion Show took place on June 3, 2017, and featured stunning designs by Alter, Celestinas Weddings, Ghee, JUMO, irrISIStible, Lamu Fashion, Liziaah, Rapture, Tiffany Designs, Vero Modero and Virtual Diva. Watch the BIRDS OF PARADISE VIDEO by Angels Kristan and read the Show Recap.  

Birds of Paradise – Official Invitation

THE FANTASY ANGELS “BIRDS OF PARADISE” FASHION SHOW JUNE 3RD at 11AM (SLT) Audience Landing (teleport) THE FANTASY ANGELS COMPANY cordially invites you to the “BIRDS OF PARADISE” Fashion Show. Join us as we celebrate femininity, sensuality, and women empowering women through strength and numbers. Be mesmerized by our Angels as they showcase the EXCLUSIVE…