Enchanted Angels Show

Anael Starr Anael Starr

Virtual Diva celebrated its 8th Anniversary in 2018, and The Fantasy Angels put on a very special fashion show to honor Owner & CEO Angels Kristan’s creativity and innovation in Second Life fashion. The Fantasy Angels “Enchanted Angels” Fashion Show took place on August 26th and featured some of our stunning Angels and welcomed four very special new Angels (Miss Virtual Diva 2018 Winner Anael Starr and Runners-up Melinda Bayn, RoyaleSun and Gloria Gabe).

DragonguyUK DragonguyUK

The theme centered around the Enchanted Forest as magic and mystery, beauty and charm filled the treetops and prepared all living things for the changing seasons. The set was an incredible display of lush greenery, dancing branches, and loose leaves and flower petals that scattered throughout the forest from the warm summer breezes. This was the backdrop for the Angels who brought their brilliant styling abilities, presenting in two segments that showcased their uniqueness and celebrated the Virtual Diva brand. Some of the Virtual Diva designs were made exclusively by Angels Kristan for the show.

Leezah Kaddour Leezah Kaddour

Congratulations to Angels Kristan on the 8th Anniversary of Virtual Diva. The staff wish you continued success and look forward to even more fantastic designs from you in the future.

Lolita Paragorn Lolita Paragorn


The Fantasy Angels “Enchanted Angels” Fashion Show was unforgettable and was the perfect end to the summer, made possible by a dedicated and talented team at The Fantasy Angels Company. Thank you!

Anael Starr (Anaelah)
Geoffrey Firehawk
Gloria Gabe
Hikaru Enimo-Lefevre
Jamee Sandalwood
Jonelle Devonshire
Joys Cuttita
Leezah Kaddour
Lolita Paragorn
Melinda Bayn
Sienna Bellios
Tony Lee Heron (Dragonguyuk)
Valeria Endrizzi

Production Staff:
Co-producer:  Angels Kristan
Co-producer/Director/Co-host: Jena Adder
Model Manager: Monica Querrien
Script Writer: Serenity Couerblanc
Photographer: Luka Benton
Voice Host/Dj:  Esme Capelo
Set Builder: Beatriz Tierbal – Mahasia Models Owner
Marketing: Jena Adder And Angels Kristan
Promo Material/Graphics: Angels Kristan
Stylists: Angels Kristan, Jena Adder, Joys Cuttita, Lolita Paragnon