The Fantasy Angels


The Fantasy Angels Company has a unique and highly defined personality that is clearly projected through a team of distinguished and well-known models, top models and virtual supermodels who come to us with diverse beauty, strengths, skills and cultural backgrounds.

Our company operates through The Fantasy Angels Fashion Show each year and high impact commercial development endeavors displayed via different mass media advertising campaigns inside and outside Second Life®.

The Fantasy Angels is not an agency. We are a company working with the most well-known and highly skilled models in today’s fashion industry, guaranteeing a unique and innovative and fresh concept in each of our projects. The Fantasy Angels is the original and first company of angels in Second Life inspired by the Victoria’s Secret real life fashion shows. The annual “The Fantasy Angels Fashion Show” promotes and advertises its models as angels in Second Life.

We pride our company and events on striving for the high standards resembling those standards for the true-to-life Victoria’s Secret Company.

The Fantasy Angels firm works with some of the best known and most beautiful models, top models and supermodels within the virtual fashion world and some of the most famous and prestigious brands within Second Life. Our angels are models, top models and supermodels that are represented by the grid’s top modeling and fashion agencies and print publications all over Second Life.

The Fantasy Angels is about bold women and men who are never afraid to face new horizons and are loyal to themselves, their tastes, and their values. It is about women and men who perfectly represent The Fantasy Angels’ values, where being sexy and having wings are an expression of our own essence. Not as something superficial, but as a way we express our individual identities to the world. The Fantasy Angels is about INDEPENDENT, PASSIONATE, CREATIVE and INSPIRING women and men. Being an angel is about how to project and how to captivate.

The Fantasy Angels Company is distinguished by the high professionalism in everything we do. The Fantasy Angels is the New Sexy in Second Life.

Angels Kristan

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The Fantasy Angels is not and does not claim to be affiliated with the real life Victoria’s Secret. The Fantasy Angels is not affiliated with or sponsored by the real life Victoria’s Secret. No infringement is intended. Any similarities are for role play purposes only.