Tryska Moon Joins The Fantasy Angels


The Fantasy Angels Company (TFA) is pleased to announce our newest Angel, Tryska Moon (tryska1104). Tryska recently won MISS VIRTUAL DIVA 2017, and as the winner she has earned her Fantasy Angels wings and opportunities to participate in upcoming TFA fashion shows, events and publications.

Miss Virtual Diva Tryska Moon
Miss Virtual Diva 2017 Tryska Moon

In addition to winning MISS VIRTUAL DIVA 2017, Tryska’s modeling career and accomplishments include: MISS VIRTUAL BRAZIL 2016 Winner, MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2017 Third Runner Up, Sugar Skull Competition 2017 Winner, BOSL Fashion Weekend 2017 – New Face, Barbie or Kenn Doll Contest 2017 – BBS Winner, Audace Model of the Month Winner for June 2017, and Contributor at THE BEST OF SL MAGAZINE – Tryska´s Corner.

As Tryska extends her wings and lands at the golden gates of TFA, I invite all Angels, fans and friends in helping me welcome Tryska as she takes her place alongside the other Angels in The Fantasy Angels family.

Angels Kristan, Owner & CEO
The Fantasy Angels Company


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